A little about what we do.

Branding Branding

It’s said that first impressions are the most lasting ones. That’s great if you’re meeting a prospective client for the first time and can tell them face-to-face about the outstanding products or services you offer. But in many cases, your very first interaction will happen much less personally, by way of a visit to your […]

Print Print

Like many forms of communication, the digital age has enhanced opportunities for companies to market their goods and services to a wide audience. Internet marketing enables organizations to provide fresh, up-to-the-minute information to customers in an instant. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw your print marketing out the window. Combined with a strong, […]

Interactive Interactive

One of the most powerful forms of communication and connection with current and potential customers is your organization’s website. Not only should your website inform visitors, it should also convey a powerful and attractive impression. And perhaps most importantly, it should be created using responsive design, which allows your site to perform on any platform–mobile, […]

Advertising Advertising

Advertising your brand and services can take many forms: billboards, direct mail, newsprint and magazine, trade show materials and more. You need attention-grabbing, brand-focused advertising using a strategically conceived marketing message, consistently conveyed throughout all channels. That’s what Mind’s Eye Creative is expert in achieving. Check out some of our most successful ad campaigns, and […]

Environmental Environmental

Environmental graphic design uses built environments and communication to effectively convey a message. When used in wayfinding, attractive signage may use navigational arrows and give directions on how to get from one location to a destination or show points of interest. Exterior and interior building signage and vehicle graphics are also examples of environmental design. […]

Photography Photography

Mind’s Eye Creative is not a photography studio, but we arrange and provide art direction for all our client’s photography needs. Stephen Brown, principal and creative director of Mind’s Eye, has a passion and an eye for photography, and it’s a hobby that keeps him creatively stimulated. His photography has twice appeared in Kolor’s annual […]


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Steve has a great combination of talents – creative, technical and problem-solving. He’s a proven professional with years of experience and he always goes above and beyond on the projects he’s handled for me. You can count on him!

- Bruce Huninghake


Working with Mind’s Eye Creative makes everything easy. We know that we’ll get quality and unique designs that give the right impression of our business and come in on time and on budget. The Community Foundation of Southern Indiana couldn’t be happier with the work Mind’s Eye Creative has produced for us and their level of expertise and professionalism.

- Linda S. Speed, J.D.


Mind’s Eye Creative does incredible work for our law firm and is always transparent, easy to work with, and cost conscious.

- Brandon Smith